Zaheer Mohiuddin

Zaheer Mohiuddin

Programmer | Photographer | Growth Hacker

I build products as a full-stack developer and solve problems touching every aspect of a project including technical, design & marketing. Child of Silicon Valley. Software Engineer at LinkedIn.

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Most Popular Project

Want more Instagram followers? Click above. 5 Million+ users have tagged 129 Million+ pictures with TagsForLikes on Instagram.


Necessity Turned Product

Get a new technical interview question in your inbox every other day. 100% Free. Currently in hiatus.



ShareNearby is the first ever tool that allows you to share files with anyone nearby without sharing any personal details.


Disseminate Swift Knowledge

It's hard to find resources to learn any new language. Even more difficult when there is another language by the same name. Spare yourself a Google search and visit my site.

Be Inspired

Better UI Fix has amazing pictures - their UI, not so amazing. A cleaner, faster way to browse the hottest pictures currently on 1x.


Sorting Massive Data

As a perfume aficionado, I get stuck far too often with colognes that are gone before I even leave the house. doesn't allow sorting fragrances by strength - now you can.